Learn How to Setup Netgear R6080 Dual-Band Router via Web Browser

Learn How to Setup Netgear R6080 Dual-Band Router via Web Browser

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Are you Netgear user? If yes, then get ready to enjoy high-speed router once again. Netgear has launched R6080 is a dual-band AC1000 router by upgrading its existing Wi-Fi 802.11n router. Now enjoy Wi-Fi speed up to 700Mbps. With this router offers enhanced performance & wireless exposure for your entire Home/Office. Netgear R6080 is a true next-generation router.  In our today’s blog, we will check out Netgear R6080 specification & features that possibly support your home network. Apart from this, we will also learn how to setup Netgear R6080 dual-band via www.routerlogin.net.  So, let’s get started & learn more about Netgear R6080 dual band.



Features of Netgear R6080 dual-band Router

  •    Netgear R6080 dual-band router has overall of five 10/100 Ethernet ports.
  •    You can use Netgear genie app in Netgear R6080 dual-band Router. Netgear Genie app will help to setup the router. Also, you can add a new device, connect and control the home network from any android phone & IOS device.
  •    Share easily Videos, Music repair or diagnose network issues and set up parental controls and lot’s more.
  •    Your Netgear R6080 dual-band router has already secured by the WPA/WPA2 security & secured connections.
  •    A Guest device gets automatically directed accessing a distinct Wi-Fi network.
  •    The Netgear R6080 dual-band router can work with every N600, N150, N300 & AC devices.

Make use of Web Browser to Access the Netgear R6080 dual-band Router

You can join the network by Ethernet cable or via Wi-Fi. Still, you can utilize web browser for accessing router or modifying settings. Once you access router, router software by default starts checking if a router can join the internet.

Let’s Automatically Setup Netgear R6080 dual-band Router

  •    First of all, turn on the router by pressing the button ON/OFF.
  •    Now, make sure if your mobile device or computer is connected to the router via an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi.
  •    Now, open a web browser & enter web address www.routerlogin.net into browser address bar & then press enter.
  •    Once you enter the web address, it will display Netgear Installation assistance. Here you only need to follow the onscreen instructions.

In case, installation assistance doesn’t get displayed then perform the following steps.

  •    To start with, make sure your computer or wireless device is connected to the any four LAN Ethernet ports. If this is not, check if a device is connected over Wi-Fi to the Netgear R6080 dual-band Router.
  •    Apart from this, Ensure router is receiving the power & LED is lighting.
  •    Try to open or close the browser or clearing the cache.

To know more about Netgear R6080 dual-band Router, feel free to contact our team. We have a team of experts that are available round the clock. Take assistance for router issues like web address www.routerlogin.net or setup issue from the team. Leftover steps of router setup need experts’ advice. You can avail the steps by approaching team on the toll-free number. If you wish to interact live with the team then go for live chat support window. You can also post your valuable feedback & suggestions in the comment box.

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